Michael Bonfils, Global Managing Director INtl Media Management Corp (SEM International) and Search Ambassador has a few words!

“The digital marketing industry is only about 25 years old and for the first half, being recognized was virtually impossible.  

As a judge to multiple, worldwide awards in the digital marketing space, I feel that being recognized amongst your industry peers is truly honorable.  

I’ve been in the industry since 1997 and I have personally worked with 100s companies on a vast number of campaigns. I’ve seen everything you could possibly see, and I’ve even won awards myself.  

As I evaluate, I can easily tell when someone is just doing the job they promised their clients or if they truly thought out of the box and knocked my socks off.  Having thought of something new or creative is award worthy. Making a difference is award worthy.   

I am very proud of the organization, Don’t Panic Events, for creating such an amazing outlet for recognition and as a continuing judge and ambassador this year, I challenge entrants to knock my socks off!”

Michael Bonfils is the Founder and CEO of SEM International, an award-winning global agency with 32 network offices worldwide. Specializing in multilingual digital marketing, they support global advertising agencies and multinational corporations with their international Digital marketing needs from PPC, SEO, Social Media, eCommerce, Content and localization services.

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