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There’s been a big shift in the way advertisers manage PPC campaigns over the last few years. Ad platforms are making several changes in favor of automation, and the days of being button-pushers are nearly over. Google’s AI and machine learning now do most of what PPC marketers have been doing for the past decade, and they’re only going to do more.

Now, on the surface, it may seem like the future is uncertain for you — the search marketer. But here’s the truth: a 2019 study by Boston Consulting Group proved that automation in digital marketing performs best with human input.

So there’s little doubt that the role of the human marketer in PPC is still relevant. But why settle for ‘relevant’ when you can excel?

At Optmyzr, we believe that automation layering is the key to the freedom to excel in this age of PPC automation.

And we’re making sure our software has the capabilities to help you get there while producing content to educate and inform you about the best ways to manage this transition.

Optmyzr’s biggest advantage is our PPC expertise

Our co-founder & CEO Frederick Vallaeys helped build AdWords (now Google Ads) from its infancy, serving as the product’s first evangelist before going on to found Optmyzr. All our co-founders have prior experience working for the top ad platforms, Google and Microsoft.

We also work with Google and several PPC experts regularly to share best practices, tips, and advice with the PPC community.

PPC Town Hall – The Go-To Show for all things PPC

PPC Town Hall is our video podcast on all things PPC. Our CEO, Frederick Vallaeys hosts the show and is joined by PPC experts for a panel discussion on the latest hot topics in the search marketing world.

The topics of discussion range from updates to Google, Bing, Facebook, and Amazon Ads, to changes in online search behavior, or changes in the business world.

Some of our latest PPC Town Hall episodes:

Google Ads Value-Based Bidding: How It Works, Best Practices & Common Pitfalls | PPC Town Hall 52

Responsive Search Ads: Tips, tricks, and best practices | PPC Town Hall 49

Learn With Optmyzr – Helping you make the best use of our tools

Learn With Optmyzr is our live webcast where our CEO, Frederick Vallaeys along with our folks from product and customer success get on board to teach you how to make the best use of Optmyzr’s tools.

Setting Up Your New Optmyzr Account – Learn With Optmyzr

Start a 14-day free trial here.

Optmyzr Blog – Your source for actionable PPC tips & advice

Our blog features in-depth actionable tips, advice, suggestions, and best practices from experts to help PPC marketers get to the next level.

Here are a couple of our latest expert blog posts:

Optmyzr’s Guide to Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

7 Things to Know Before Starting a PPC Agency

Supporting the PPC Community – #ppcchat

Optmyzr is also the primary sponsor of the popular PPC Twitter community, #ppcchat. We partnered with #ppcchat to help search marketers navigate the challenges in PPC.

In addition to these, our CEO, Frederick Vallaeys who has a wealth of PPC knowledge is a regular speaker and contributor to several journals and conferences around the world.

To many more years of PPC excellence

Since our first days in business in 2013, we’ve made it our mission to help PPC marketers achieve success using our software and content — through everything the PPC world has thrown at them. Nearly a decade later, we’re faced with yet another major transition. As ad platforms grow more automated, the community needs a different type of support that we aim to provide.

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