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INK Shortlisted for Best Search Software Tool

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Published Date 09.09.2022

So What Exactly is INK?

INK is an all-in-one text editing solution powered by our patented AI to help writers generate and optimize content to rank. INK combines AI writing features, spelling/grammar suggestions, readability suggestions, headline optimization suggestions, and SEO recommendations to ensure content ranks. To put it simply, INK offers a comprehensive writing suite of Writing Tools to help you write better, convert faster & rank higher.

We are at the forefront of a revolution. We are not just leading but creating the Natural Language Optimization (NLO) space. What is NLO? It is a sophisticated means of processing Natural Language for search engine optimization.

INK is spearheading this movement — we are carving out this unique space in the content market by harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing and pairing it with our patented AI and continuously innovating and making it even better.

This powerful fusion seamlessly integrates Natural Language Processing with our proprietary AI for advanced search optimization. Writing with INK empowers our users to create content that ranks.

We believe that AI generated content (NLG) is one part of the equation. It’s not just about creating content quickly. It’s about having the insights to create content quickly that can be found, engage and convert. That is why NLO is the next phase of the content marketing evolution.

The problem: for businesses to have their content get found, engage and convert users into paying customers. Our target audience: content creators large and small — we have users ranging from large, global agencies to individual content creators. INK is the great equalizer. Both can put their content in INK, follow INK’s recommendations, achieve a high INK SEO Score, publish and rank for their chosen keywords.

INK Wins Our Submission

Our submission was fairly simple and straightforward — it was our recent wins, what we accomplished in organic traffic gains using our product. The results were successful, quick, and, frankly, astonishing.

Our patented AI reverse-engineers your competitors’ content and shows you exactly how to beat your competition.

INK is proven to increase your chances to rank on page 1 of Google by 450%, create content 5x faster, increase headline clickthrough rates, and user engagement with your content.

The most vital, key metric that content teams, marketing teams, and businesses across departments need to measure for is this: ranking.

Every business has content.

In order to convert users into customers, that content needs to rank high in search results so that it can be seen. We have proven INK’s success in this key metric over and over again – with our own data study, with external clients (here is but one success example), and we are doing so now with a recent, ongoing SEO content initiative that we just began.

This is our most ambitious SEO content project yet to date – and it is proving startling, wildly successful results already.

The first graph is prior to launching this new SEO content initiative — the second graph shows the amazing results: We are ranking for 150 organic keywords on the first page of Google within 2 weeks of publishing these articles.

How did we achieve this? By optimizing every single article in INK, following the recommendations until we achieved an INK SEO Score of minimum 90%.

That’s it. Write and optimize in INK. Rank.

INK offers something that does not exist in the marketplace — an all-in-one text editor that combines AI writing features, spelling/grammar suggestions, readability suggestions, headline optimization suggestions, and SEO recommendations to ensure content ranks.

There are tools that do some of these but no one tool on the market exists that does all of these — except INK.

But the results aren’t just astounding for us internally, our users are having raving success as well. Explore how Quota Path increased Organic Traffic by 868% using INK.

Honored to be Finalists 

Being finalists in the Best Search Software Tool at the US Search Awards is an honor and a vindication of the hard work our amazing, globally distributed workforce put in to make our software what it is today — as well as the constant evolving updates and innovations they do to continue to make it the best on the market for search.

We are not only innovating in the form of our unique, powerful tool but we are also making unique innovations and shaping our field. INK is spearheading the NLO movement.

Our software tool is a game-changer — we are disrupting the market, carving  out a new space, and creating an impact.

Winning would also mean sharing our revolutionary movement with a broad audience — meaning the power of our unique approach to NLP + AI will reach even more writers hungry to create content that ranks and do so effortlessly with our sophisticated AI writing tools.

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