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On the Map Marketing Shortlisted for the US Search Awards

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Published Date 24.08.2023

At On The Map Digital Marketing, innovation meets excellence. We are thrilled and humbled to announce that our dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results in the dynamic realm of digital marketing has led us to the prestigious honor of being nominated for not one, not even two, but three awards at the highly acclaimed US Search Awards. As a leading force in the digital marketing landscape, we take immense pride in our strategic prowess, creative finesse, and unwavering commitment to helping our clients thrive in their verticals. Please take a moment and join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the recognition of our efforts and continue to redefine the possibilities of digital marketing!

We’re Honored to Be Nominated for Search Awards in 3 Categories

Situated in the picturesque heart of downtown Miami, you’ll find On The Map Marketing. Our team is always growing to meet the needs of our clients. With more than 20 people in our Miami headquarters and dozens others across the globe, our collective energy fuels our pursuit of excellence.

Every single member of our team holds a significant place in our operation, as we acknowledge that our clients are at the core of our success story. We recognize the profound significance of each business we serve, understanding that it’s the fervor of business owners that fuel our determination and guides us as we craft their online footprint.

We dream big, and we live intentionally for excellence. This translates to stellar digital marketing, SEO, web, and content marketing services.

Our Award Categories

Thanks to the passion of each and every On The Map team member, we have been nominated for awards in the following categories:




Angelika Film Center

Angelika Film Center has multiple cinemas across major metropolitan areas, like San Diego, Chicago, and New York City. This is far more than just a movie theater. While they do show current new releases, they also have showtimes for classics, family favorites, artistic films, and more. With food and beverages offerings that go well beyond traditional concession stand faire, Angelika Film Center makes going out to see a show an event worth centering the night around.

Our PPC efforts proved you don’t need to spend a lot to see a huge return on your investment. We look at every dollar companies invest in their company using our services as an enormous responsibility that we take seriously. Our team is driven to be the best at what we do and to never forget it’s our clients’ budgets at stake. 

Simplex Group

Simplex Group is a complete, premier service provider for America’s trucking industry. They support their customers in achieving their goals and help them thrive by taking care of freight planning, compliance, permitting, tax reporting, and more.

Digital markers love to say “Content is king,” and this rings true in our efforts with Simplex Group! Simplex Group’s motto is “Empowering the dreams of those delivering to America.” and we’re proud to be behind the scenes making this possible.

Hipskind & McAninch, LLC

Hipskind & McAninch is an Illinois- and St. Louis-based personal injury law firm who came on board with On The Map in June 2019. Over the years, they have increased their investment with our agency  — the result of their trust in our team and seeing time and time again that our expertise and efforts lead to results. This wasn’t a blind leap of faith. We proved we could deliver results. In October 2021, we created an entirely new website for them. In the summer of 2022, Hipskind & McAninch’s dedicated account management team decided to expand SEO efforts to target individual location pages. This effort resulted in landing the largest case of the firm’s history, one we’re able to directly link to an organic lead!

Expressing Profound Honor and Gratitude: US Search Awards Recognize On The Map Digital Marketing

We want to share our heartfelt gratitude for the recognition and nomination that the US Search Awards have bestowed upon On The Map Digital Marketing. This esteemed acknowledgment of our dedication to innovation, strategic thinking, and exceptional results fuels our drive to continuously elevate the standards of digital marketing. As we stand on the cusp of this momentous occasion, we are inspired to further propel the industry forward, leveraging our expertise to redefine what’s possible in the realm of online excellence. We thank our clients, partners, and the entire On The Map family for their unwavering support. As well, we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, ready to leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

Whether our clients — who range from lawyers to homecare services and beyond — need to achieve 1st page rankings on SERPs, have an old website that needs to be redesigned, or increase their domain ranking, we have the needed skills, tools, people, and resources to make it happen.
Let a digital marketing expert from our team analyze your website and share a free analysis. Book a consultation with our team to learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can provide for you the same type of results as Angelika Film Center, Simplex Group, Hipskind & McAninch, and countless others.

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