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Red Shark Digital Shortlisted for the US Search Awards

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Published Date 30.08.2023

Red Shark Digital, North Carolina’s leading digital marketing agency, is excited to announce their recognition as finalists at the 2023 US Search Awards. Founded and sponsored by We Are Search, The US Search Awards is a nationally-recognized competition that spotlights SEO, PPC, and content marketing excellence across the United States. This prestigious achievement highlights Red Shark Digital’s expertise in digital marketing and successful search engine optimization services and strategies.

The US Search Awards honor the most innovative and creative campaigns, strategies, and professionals in the search industry. Judged by international search industry experts from across the globe, the rigorous two-stage judging process examines all aspects of a digital campaign—originality, concept, application, user experience, and profitability.

“Our journey as a finalist in the 2023 US Search Awards reinforces our dedication to excellence in digital marketing,” said Spencer Bunting, President and COO of Red Shark Digital. “This recognition echoes our vision of becoming a national, industry-leading search agency.”

Red Shark Digital made the shortlists for both entries placed in this year’s US Search Awards:

Best Use of Search – Real Estate & Property: Red Shark Digital & The Woodland Group – Conquering Mountains of Search Results

Best Small Integrated Search Agency: Red Shark Digital

About the Best Use of Search – Real Estate & Property: Red Shark Digital & The Woodland Group

These finalist positions come from the success found in dedication to the multi-discipline SEO efforts of search experts at Red Shark Digital. The Woodland Group came to Red Shark Digital to fortify their paid advertising, email, and organic SEO efforts to build brand awareness, increase lead generation, and drive conversions for their lead nurturing efforts.

The Woodland Group’s Campaign Outcomes:

56.51% increase in users

58.15% increase in new users

58.27% increase in Sessions

73.66% increase in Pageviews

9.7% increase in pages per session

29.85% increase in average session duration

4.58% decrease in bounce rate

128.52% increase in organic search user acquisition

About the Best Small Integrated Search Agency

Red Shark Digital’s recognition for Best Small Integrated Search Agency is a testament to our record-breaking growth in service-based revenue, project completion, strategy implementation, workflow streamlining, and cross-department collaboration. A truly integrated strategy among team leads allowed for improving existing processes, enabling the production of strategy-based solutions.

“As a passionate advertising specialist, being shortlisted for the US Search Awards is a true honor that validates the hard work and effort our team invests in each campaign,” said Michelle Bryant, Senior Digital Strategist specializing in paid advertising at Red Shark Digital. “It’s a privilege to collaborate with a team of dedicated professionals willing to explore new strategies and tactics to achieve results that benefit our partners,” Bryant added.

Winning a US Search Award is an accolade that gives proof of Search excellence and is a badge and banner of honor. As a two-time finalist at the US Search Awards, Red Shark Digital marketing agency demonstrates its ability to deliver measurable results, showcasing its skills in enhancing online visibility and driving targeted traffic for its clients. Their expertise in search engine marketing (SEM), keyword researchcontent marketing, and conversion rates has allowed numerous businesses to exceed their marketing goals.

About the US Search Awards Ceremony

The 2023 US Search Awards Ceremony will be hosted as a live event for the first time at Tribeca 360° in New York City on Oct. 18, 2023, where judges will announce official winners. Their recognition inspires continued innovation across the search industry while providing current finalists with a curated platform to showcase their marketing talents, boost brand reputation, and attract new business prospects. To view the full 2023 shortlist, visit:

Red Shark Digital’s inclusion as a US Search Awards Finalist serves as a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment to delivering data-driven marketing campaigns for clients. This achievement further sharpens our vision of establishing ourselves as a leading national search agency. With their dedicated team of marketing professionals and search experts, Red Shark Digital remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently making a significant impact on today’s dynamic search industry.

For more information about Red Shark Digital’s digital marketing services and achievements, please visit:

About Red Shark Digital: Red Shark Digital is a leading full-service digital marketing agency with office locations across North Carolina. The agency specializes in providing innovative marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a targeted focus on creative branding, SEO strategy, and website development, Red Shark Digital consistently helps clients maximize their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. To learn more about Red Shark Digital visit:

About US Search Awards: The US Search Awards recognizes, rewards, and celebrates the very best in PPC, SEO, and content marketing across the United States. Attracting hundreds of annual entries, the US Search Awards is sponsored by We Are Search, an internationally-recognized board of search professionals and organizations that distribute respected, ethical industry awards worldwide. To learn more about the US Search Awards visit:

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