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Marketing consultancy, Growth Skills, have been shortlisted for the US Search Awards

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Published Date 20.09.2022

Growth Skills is a Growth Marketing consultancy that helps businesses increase brand awareness, leads and revenue; using best-in-class Growth Marketing. Our LearningIQ platform offers sales and growth marketing training to help individuals thrive in the future of work and companies up skill their employees. 

Growth Skills specializes in helping brands thrive in highly regulated areas and industries with high competition on search engines like Google. Industries like finance, fintech, crypto, gambling, sports betting, cannabis, CBD and alcohol; all have high regulations and are fiercely competitive search landscapes.

Part of the Growth Skill’s strategy is building digital media platforms where we use SEO, Content Marketing and other Growth Marketing strategies to rank for the right keywords and attract the target  audience to a website we own. We then connect relevant brands with the audience because we own a property that their potential customers visit everyday.  Flavor Fix our Cannabis, CBD and alcohol platform is the perfect example of this.

Our work on Flavor FIx has been shortlisted for multiple awards in many categories:

On Building Flavor Fix

Growth Skills needed a way to help cannabis, CBD and alcohol brands reach their audiences. Brands in these industries face advertising regulations so it is hard to reach these customers using Google, Instagram and Facebook ads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the only ways to effectively do this.

SEO & Content Innovation was the answer. Growth Skills used the following process to reach this audience. 

1. Research: We analyzed the top publishing media properties in cannabis, CBD and alcohol to find out what is missing in the space and what value we can add.

2.Findings: We learned that no site targeted cannabis, CBD and alcohol and knew this was an opportunity. We also knew that we could use content to be fun, informative and make a difference.

3.Making Cannabis Fun: We knew we had the opportunity to do some unique things with the content. We turned cannabis strains into Superheroes with our Superhero Strain Series. We also redefined what it means to be Cross Faded which is drinking cannabis and alcohol at the same time. We added a motto built on Balance, Quality and Respect. We now rank on the first page when people search for the meaning of “Cross Faded”

4.Social Justice: Social Justice is core to the brand. We interviewed and partnered with music mogul Master P to promote 520 Cannabis Freedom Day. This movement is to push for criminal justice reform for people with minor marijuana arrests. We interviewed with Master P and now rank for “520 Cannabis Freedom Day” to help people spread the word about the movement. 10,000 marijuana cases have been dropped in Louisiana and over 60,000 in California since this movement began.

5.The Brand: Utility is also built into our logo. The A.V.O in FLAVOR act as indications of level of flavor, THC, CBD or alcohol in something. A is an up arrow, V is a down arrow, O is neutral. AVO the symbol in the logo is the connection of A.V.O which equals balance. At the end of the day good food, cannabis, CBD and alcohol is about balance. 

6.Process: Our team researches, writes and publishes articles on the site daily.

7.Lead Generation: Once we have enough articles on a topic we package them into a downloadable eBook that people can get in exchange for their name and email.

8.Interactive Content: We then built various calculators to help people find the right CBD, THC dosage and more.

Flavor Fix Case Study Video

Watch the video. The results speak for themselves.

On Being ShortlistedWe are excited to be shortlisted. We understand the power of search and the value that content has to peoples lives. With Flavor Fix we launched not just a campaign but built a brand that is changing the stigma on cannabis and pushing for social justice for the industry. Flavor Fix will be the brand that the next wave of people who want cannabis, CBD and alcohol find when they search online. This submission is a business case study on how SEO & Content Marketing professionals can lead business strategy. Our SEO & Content peers should be in the boardrooms and with venture capital firms and not just relegated to keyword rankings, website traffic and sales. We are capable of serious business strategy and brand building that can significantly impact and disrupt industries.

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